Amare DermaBiotics Collagen Boosting Spray

For radiant, firm skin, instead of “taking” collagen … make it. This clean, plant-based, all-natural oral spray helps boost collagen production, improve skin moisture, and support skin elasticity.* #CleanHappyGlow

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What It Is
Daily oral spray (honey berry) with targeted postbiotics, phytonutrients, and minerals that boost your body’s collagen production.*
Lactobacillus Sakei 65 (postbiotic) from fermented Kimchi.*
Dracobelle, or Organic Moldovian DragonHead (phytobiotic).*

How It Works
Postbiotics: Formulated with heat-treated probiotic that supports the gut-skin axis and promotes radiant, firm skin.*
Phytobiotics: Stimulate and improve the body’s natural production of collagen.*
Synergistically works with the Plant-Based Regenerating Serum to improve skin moisture, elasticity, and density.*

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