Amare FundaMentals Pack PLUS

Comprehensive nutrition for all three brains — the gut, brain and heart — the Amare FundaMentals Pack PLUS  is designed to target and support the primary physiological drivers of mental wellness.*

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Targeting Mental Wellness Through the Body’s Three Brains
Our three brains: gut (sensing brain), mind/brain (thinking brain) and heart (feeling brain) determine our emotions and are the most powerful tools in optimizing our overall mental wellness.

Think of your gut as the intuition and instinct resource. The head is the logical and analytical source. And finally, the heart as the emotional, passionate and artistic approach to your well-being. When in sync, these three brains balance your mental wellness.*

Amare FundaMentals Pack PLUS Includes:
• MentaBiotics® — Advanced Gut-Brain Nutrition*
The most comprehensive combination of unique strains of probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics that have been scientifically shown to improve mental wellness.*

• MentaFocus® — Supercharged Mental Focus and Cognition*
Supercharge your brain with key phytonutrients clinically shown to support focus, mental sharpness, clarity, creativity and cognitive functioning.*

• MentaSync® — Optimized Gut-Brain Axis Communication*
Optimize the communication sync of chemical messengers between your brain and your gut with the clinically studied key ingredients in MentaSync.*

• MentaHeart™ — Advanced Heart-Brain Axis Nutrition*
The first product of its kind to support mental wellness through the heart-brain axis, MentaHeart features key ingredients backed by multiple clinical studies shown to help optimize the heart, the body’s third brain.*

Features & Benefits
Increases a sense of mental focus*
Supports cognitive functioning*
Promotes a positive mood*
Optimizes heart-brain-gut axis communication*
Improves emotional well-being*
Supports psychological vigor and stress resilience*

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