Amare GBX Pep [2-Pack]

Cutting edge gut-brain axis science packed into a refreshing strawberry cream beverage that puts other energy drinks to shame. Put a “pep” in your step with prebiotics and probiotics that help support cognitive function, improved concentration, healthy digestion, and happy taste buds…anytime, anywhere.* #GBXPepSquad

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What It Is
A delicious infusion of probiotics, prebiotics, and organic caffeine.*
Probiotics: DE111® Bacillus subtilis, Organic Live Kombucha
Prebiotics: PFBc (Palm Fruit Bioactives), Sunfiber®
Clean energy: Organic Green Coffee Bean (contains caffeine), Suntheanine®

How It Works
The crisp taste puts a smile on your face 🙂
Specific probiotics to help aid in healthy digestion.*
Specific prebiotics to support cognitive function and microbiome diversity.*
Organic caffeine for improved mental alertness.*
Suntheanine for improved concentration.*


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