Amare Happy Juice® Pack Mango

It takes two (stick packs) to mango! Meet our newest limited-edition Happy Juice Pack. This two-part system combines our best-selling MentaBiotics® stick packs with our new supercharged nootropic: Amare EDGE+™ Mango, featuring Lion’s Mane, Citicoline, and natural caffeine.

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What It Is
Probiotics targeted for emotional wellness.*
Prebiotics: fibers targeted for gut nourishment.*
Phytobiotics: polyphenols targeted for optimized gut-brain axis (GBX) signaling.*
Mango Leaf supports mental flow.*
Lychee Fruit supports body and mind endurance.*
Palm Fruit supports enhanced neuron regeneration.*
Lion’s Mane supports neuron regeneration and healthy memory.*
Contains Citicoline, a precursor to neurotransmitters.*
Natural Green Coffee Bean (caffeine) supports body and mind energy, cognitive performance, and attention.*

How It Works
Mix one stick pack of MentaBiotics and one stick pack of Amare EDGE+ Mango with 16-20 oz. of water. Adjust water level as needed to your taste preference…enjoy!
MentaBiotics optimizes the gut for the production of “feel good” neurotransmitters.*
Amare EDGE+ optimizes the brain for mental flow, body and mind endurance, healthy memory, and neuron regeneration.*

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