Kyani Potato Pak - 15 Servings

Potato Pak provides nutrition. When you purchase Potato Pak, Kyani automatically donates and delivers your Pak, with its life-giving nutrition, to those in need around the world. No shipping, no hassle for you—just an opportunity for you to help someone in need. Each serving contains over 10 grams of protein, along with essential vitamins and minerals, and comes in a quick and convenient pouch.

When you purchase Potato Pak, Kyani, through its Caring Hands foundation, works independently and with other charitable organizations to deliver your Potato Pak donation to families in need all over the world.

Note: Your Potato Pak is donated directly to those in need, and you will not receive any product. As charitable donations, Potato Pak purchases are nonrefundable.

1 Potato Pak Donation (15 Servings)

$74.95 USD


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